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KeyKeeper secure night drop boxes, key drop boxes and Fortress Key Cabinets offer secure key management and asset control for automotive dealers, facility managers, auto rental companies, real estate businesses, police departments, hotels, trucking companies and others where night drops and key control are a priority.

Throughout North America and beyond, businesses use KeyKeeper key drop boxes and Fortress Key Cabinets to secure their keys and assets. Since 1994, KeyKeeper has provided proven products to help our customers protect their businesses and improve their customer service levels. We welcome you to explore our product offerings and contact us for further information.

News Release

Vehicle stolen following overnight key drop

Thu, Mar 6 2014 : A costly lesson tonight for a Calgary man who dropped his vehicle off for service Ďafterí the garage was closed. His truck was stolen over night, and he ended up having to file a claim with his insurance. Globalís Tony Tighe reports.

Watch the video to see how a KeyKeeper could have prevented this.

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